Miracle cosmetic products. Pet hate.

Hello bloggers.  Yes it has been ooh ever such a long time since I last bloggsd..bloggerated..bloggerised.well,you know what I mean. Today it’s the turn of outlandish,far-fetched,preposterous or just plain criminally misleading claims from cosmetic manufacturers,as to the miraculous age defying properties of their  products. Here are a couple of examples (chosen  to illustrate a point,and for no other reason) 

Emily’s Closeup

During the 15 days period Emily documented the progress with her camera:

BEFORE and..


AFTER Emily Used the 2 Products
The second picture is taken exactly 15 days after the first. Notice the strong difference after applying the 2 trials during that time…

Or how about…
Or even…
Not even the amazing Madonna herself is immune to the before and after treatment..I know!! That’s what I said too..It is simply too miraculous to be true,surely!!
Maybe this last product will make all clear as crystal?

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  1. Kaitlyn Hatch
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 13:08:06

    I do love that video. When it first went viral I had it shared on my FB wall about eight times in three days.


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