After all, it’s for the little ones.


Brand new bike

Play station three & games

Selection box



Brand new roller skates

Nintendo Wii & games

My little pony colouring set


Archie. (As yet unborn)

Levonorgestrel, a second generation synthetic progestogen

Ellaone,which prevents pregnancy by delaying or inhibiting ovulation and inhibiting follicle rupture.

Ladies. Don’t forget to stock up on the morning after pill over Christmas,after all, you may get a little worse for festive cheer,have unprotected sex with a stranger, and end up with a little Christmas gift you hadn’t bargained for. But not to worry eh? After all, your pharmacy will give you, free of charge,with no age checks,the way to kill your unborn, after all,Christmas is for the little ones.

Merry Christmas,One and all.


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