morning stroll, kissed by an autumnal breeze
warm russet fingers tipped with ice blue nails
a caress, warm but with the chill of winters bite.
A cutting wind whistles a song that summer sang with green and warm abandon.
No more wandering in warm and sultry nights,zephyrs stroking the face and the senses.
The pungent aromas of beach fires, lovers taking long and aimless walks on starlit summer beaches.
Now the kiss is tinged with a forlorn sigh,
leaves laying in seldom walked sidestreets.
A crimson and ochre carpet looking like the fallen flames of past hot sunny days.
Loves dream, so vibrant and alive and insistant just a few months ago, now wains into long nights by crackling fires in welcoming hearths.
children swaddled in coats and scarves seem to walk slower to school as the world steadies its summer dance
The slow waltz of late autumn before winters intermission of white silence.
Oh come, hurry on the promise of spring, and let green live again.


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  1. firefly8868
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 20:38:39

    That is a beautiful poem, and the photography is magical. I have been photographing swans lately on our river, and appreciate this one you feature very much. Your poem was very touching and captured the wistful feel of autumn in a lovely way.


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