Crash o Gram.

Hello bloggers.

Are you quickly running out of  ways to surprise a loved one, colleague or family member on that special occasion? Coming up dry on that one party stopper, that will be the talk of the office all year? Well now you can rest assured that your prank greeting will top the lot.

Here at we have thought of every detail, so you don’t have to.

Be it a cozy domestic house  party.


A pool party with that extra splash.


Or even dropping in to their place of work, to surprise, delight and playfully embarrass  that special someone , in the company of their workmates.


We at have only top of the range vehicles, for that touch of extra class and style.

Is your loved one,workmate etc far away? No problem, we have  that covered too. Consider our special VIP Air crash O Gram. Imagine the look on their face when one of our elite squadron of light aircraft, collides with their domicile or work place, for that exotic, glamorous  collision that simply says you care. From take off to completion,you can rest easy in the sure and certain knowledge that your every need is catered for.


So, be the talk of the family or office today,with the gift that simply keeps on giving.

All rubble, debris and wreckage discreetly removed at no extra charge. Endorsed by our managing director.


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  1. custardfroggy
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 11:58:10

    Hello hello, are you there, oh yes, hello, i’d like to request a crash-o-gran but I was hoping you cater for other people aside from grandmothers, as I am not sure it would be something she would appreciate. Pardon? oh Crash-o-GRAM oh ok then. Well i’d like to request a crash-o-gram for a Mr S. Cowell, yes he is a close personal friend, and could it be scrawled on the bumper “this is for all that dreadful music you complete and utter…errmm…..blighter”. Errm the Vauxhall Astra I think. Thanks very much. Goodbye.


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