A sublime sunday afternoon.

Hello Bloggers.

  On sunday I had the delightful privilege to accompany my wife Tricia to the Derby Theatre to see John Tams,Barry Coope,Andy Cutting,Graeme Taylor, The Sheffield Folk Chorale,Stone Monkey Rapper  and last but certainly not in any way least, Lucy Ward. 


        It was the first time I have seen Lucy perform, and it was a truly awesome experience. Self penned songs in the traditional folk genre,combined with Lucy’s onstage charm and humour were a treat to behold.The stark comparison came to mind, between this display of sheer musical talent, and the joy of creating living vibrant entertainment on Sunday, and the shameful disgusting and embarrassing exhibition of Amy Winehouse in  Belgrade,where she displayed all the talent,stage presence and musical ability of a manilla foolscap envelope full of sick with a daft hairdo. All i can say is thank God for real musical ability,long may it live and prosper.


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  1. Belper Research Website
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 13:35:58

    It truly was wonderful – thank you for taking me there, and thanks for my birthday!


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