Undead Dating.

Hi bloggers.  Are there any of you lonely singles out there, for whom the ladies today are just a tad too..alive? well fear not. Here at I’macorpseletsgoout.com,we have everything covered.


Take our first lovely hopeful. This is Jenny, She loves puppies,walking in the rain and leaving bits of herself on trains.


Or maybe lady number two is more  to your taste.This is Hildegarde.  Her hobbies include stunt kiting,jousting and picnics in the country.

Maybe you prefer the fuller figure on a lady, in which case look no further than Myrtle. A feisty firebrand this one, enjoys nothing more than eating in,eating out and amateur psychology. She would just love to get inside your head, and eat your brains.


Lastly, here is Cherie, nothing much to say about this one, just some desperate old slapper who likes having her hair done..a lot.

Happy romancing bloggers.


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