The saga of Splat Cookie.

The continuing saga of the splat cookie is as tragic as it is fantastic. Following his pivotal role in star trek he was elated at his good fortune. Finances were no longer a problem, owing to a line of extremely popular plushie action figures .

 It was while he was riding high on success that he met his soon to be wife Mitzi. She was an exotic dancer and shape changing amoeba at an exclusive go-go bar in hollywood. Their romance blossomed, and soon they announced their intention to wed. While roles in tv and movies were not exactly flooding in for splat, he did manage to land the starring role in a pre school  series called Splatz!!.

 Unfortunately, the role demanded quite a change for our protagonist, a colour fact, he had to become green!!.

 This is where his fortunes took a turn for the worst. An addiction to food colouring followed and the roles soon dried up.  The final humiliation came after his weight ballooned due to the substance abuse,and he developed the worst case of piles ever documented for a splat.

 Seeking a cure, he contacted his old friend Spock, requesting a mind meld . Unfortunately, the pain proved to be more than the obliging vulcan could bear and  splat was rushed into rehab.

 Meanwhile his wife Mitzi had given birth to nine healthy babies,

 and was stuck in their home, and bored. It was at this time her brief sojourn into porn  happened. Morphing into a bewb splat, she made a couple of lesbian movies , under the screen name of  Squeezy McNipple

 It was on the set of her latest movie that she met Guy. He was a handsome splat, famous for his role in Pride and prejudice, where he played  a cow pat,stepped in by Colin Firth.

Following his return from rehab, Splat found it difficult to land roles, and resorted to ekeing out a living as an omelette in “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook ”


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