I couldn’t believe this

Ello bloggers. Just when you thought  there was nothing new under the sun,those inventive japanese prove you wrong. Check these young  people out. You would be forgiven for thinking they were klingons,from the latest star trek movie, but you would be wrong.

They are in fact part of the club culture of japan,experimenting with saline implants. Known as bagelheads, they are pushing the boundaries of  self-mutilation to their limits.

Beautiful,maybe? who is truly to judge what is beauty nowadays,the esthetic is being constantly re defined.  If you are not sufficiently grossed out by now, why not take a quick look at eyeball tattooing.

My limit when it came to bodily adornment rebellion as a youngster, was the lick & stick tattoos found in bubblegum wrappers.


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  1. custardfroggy
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 14:08:54

    I quite like the white diadem on the last guy’s forehead, I wonder if that is a tattoo or tanning machine accident. I have never liked body modifications, even haircuts are a bit annoying, it is fascinating how people use their body as a canvas but I defer to the opinion of a modern moral philosopher:

    “Every bastard’s got a tattoo nowadays. If you want to be ‘different’ and original and stand out and express yourself, then DON’T get a tattoo. Then you’ll be f*cking unique Kelly.”
    — Ozzy Osbourne


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