This is the most boring blog in history.

Ok. It’s official. This is the most boring blog in history.  Last month, deep below Mexico, a cave was discovered. It contained air that last moved twenty million years ago,no life exists inside.Deep in the mud on the cave floor, deposited over eons of inactivity, more is happening than on my blog.

A pandemic has hit the internet. People discovering this blog, purely by chance are instantly becoming catatonic. There is, as yet, no cure.

The word Blog was first used by a guy called Peter Merholz in 1999 on his own blog.  The situation became so dire that Peter Merholz attempted to go back in time and un coin the phrase blog, therefore halting the advance of  the tedium pandemic…But tragically, as he was researching time travel, he came across my blog entry for may 12th 2009 entitled ” The day I put some HP sauce on my chips” and lost all use of his upper body.

 I urge you to log off from this blog immediately, and seek medical advice.


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  1. Froggy
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 18:01:38

    There seems to be a bug in this blog item, I start reading it, get a few words in then my mind seems to drift to thoughts of fluffy pillows and such. But never mind I like the pictures, here’s a snoozy kitty:


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