Hello Bloggers, today I decided to fit a bolt to the utility door, using nothing but chisels,screwdrivers and a mallet.

Simple I hear you cry,and so I thought. So, with a merry whistle, I set off to complete my task.

Now normally one would measure the orifice one was about to hew from the pristine  virgin timber of the door frame, not I.  Over judging by about two inches, I set about my carpenteresque surgery.

Eureka!! The edges of the hole thingy in the door jamb were straight and not at all jagged, I was right proud of myself…That is untill I offered up the hasp of the bolt, and discovered that the afore-mentioned hole thingy was a tad excessive. Not to be put off by such minor concerns, I quickly screwed the bolt into place!

And there you have it, the finished job. With enough extra timber hacked out to replenish the brazilian rain forest ,still better than fiddling around I think.

I need a beer now,and a lay down in a darkened room.


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  1. Froggy
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 01:50:07

    Hahahaha very good you almost had me there, I really believed you fixed something. But then I saw the date and I got it, very funny. Those are clearly stock photographs of chisels, those are the kinds of things can only be seen at the local museum of late 20th century DIY, it’s not as if people just have them lying about the house these days. And that is obviously just a large lump of half chewed liquorice you stuck on your door there. Clever but you won’t catch me out, no amount of folky songs about threshing, winnowing, foddering the cattle, retuning the digibox or weaving baskets will convince me you are proletarian.


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