A brief introduction.

I hate to say it, but I really don’t have any ideas for this blog. My wife talked me into it. She seems to think I am funny, brilliant, intelligent, talented and sexy – and of course she is right, but that is no reason to parade my skills in public, is it? Okay, it is. Everyone is doing it, why not me? I’d better sit down with a beer and do some brainstorming then.  Firstly, allow me to welcome you to my little blog..an amalgamation of things real and factious, with some..let us say, less clearly defined observations. For my part, I shall endeavour to be amusing and witty although  whether I achieve this end, will depend entirely upon  the angle from which it is viewed. Please, do try to find it within your hearts to forgive me for enclosing this amusingly captioned photograph of a cute rabbit.


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